Sunday, 22 February 2015

My Favourite Make Up Brushes

Today I wanted to talk you through my favourite make up brushes which I use on an almost daily basis.
At the moment I only use drugstore brand brushes since they do exactly what I want them to do so I never felt the need to splurge on really expensive ones.

1. Real Techniques - Powder Brush

My favourite powder brush as it is so big and fluffy and soft and therefore perfect for applying powder on top of my foundation. This brush was very kindly gifted to me by my friend Alice as well as the blush brush that's coming up next.

2. Real Techniques - Blush Brush

Again a very nice and soft brush that is the perfect size for my cheeks. I also love how easy to clean these brushes are.

3. Real Techniques - Stippling Brush

This is my very first Real Techniques brush. I've had it for a few years now and still love it. I use it whenever I want to achieve a medium to light coverage.

4. B-e-cosmetics - Foundation Buffer

I first came across this brand on Youtube on the channel of Rebecca Floeter
who is the owner of the online shop I love this foundation brush a lot because it blends in my foundation very smoothly without making it look too cakey. It washes very well too and I'm quite impressed with the quality.

5. Ebelin - Concealer Brush

I picked this brush up from the local drugstore (ebelin is their own brand) and I'm really impressed with the quality considering its price of under 5€. I like using it to apply concealer under my eyes and around my nose. I occasionally use it to conceal blemishes and afterwards give it a good wash as to not spread bacteria.

What are your favourite make up brushes?

Julie xx

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