Sunday, 8 February 2015

Favourite Winter Reds

left to right: Essie-dress to kilt, Essie-forever yummy,Essie-bahama mama,Barry M-raspberry

I don't know what it is but this winter I've been craving red on my nails more than any other colour in my collection. Maybe that's because red brings some life into those dark, grey winter days, maybe it's just the simple elegance of it. No matter what the reason, here are my four most reached for winter reds:

Essie – dress to kilt

A deep dark red from a recent limited edition which is just the right shade. Neither too bright nor too dark.

Essie – forever yummy

A very classic red from the main Essie range which is an all year round favourite of mine. I love it around Christmas time as well as in summer paired with nautical outfits and navy and white stripes.

Essie – bahama mama

A firm staple in every bloggers collection and rightly so. I love it because it is such a beautiful and vibrant colour. Depending on the lighting it sometimes looks like a dark wine colour or toned down purple.

Barry M – raspberry

A pinky red that is somewhere in the middle between Essie dress to kilt and Essie bahama mama.

Which are your favourite reds?

Julie xx

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