Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Currently on my wishlist #3 | Autumn Edition

1. Riding Boots

I've been on the hunt for some nice leather riding boots for ages now but I find it incredibly difficult to find some that I like and that are at least halfway affordable. I very much like these Tory Burch ones but they are more on the pricey side and also hard to get hold of in Germany. But I will definitely keep an eye out for the perfect pair.

2. Longchamp Le Pliage Bag

Although everyone and their mother seem to own one of those these days I still want one because I like that it goes with so many different outfits and that it fits all my stuff.

3. Barbour Jacket

In my book Barbour Jackets are the epitome of autumn and I can see myself wearing one for a nice autumnal walk in the country as well as running errands in town. I like how they look somewhat "put together" and classic while being very functional aswell. (oh how I dislike getting wet)
One of these jackets will definitely end up in my wardrobe one day.

4. Checked Skirts

I don't know what it is but I love checked skirts (well checked everything really ;-)). Maybe that's because schooluniforms are very uncommon in Germany and I feel like I missed out on that.
(although I'm aware that people who were obliged to wear them don't share that feeling)
This season I will definitely invest in a skirt like the one above to wear with some thick black tights and boots. I can't wait!

5. Cable Knit Jumper

I'm a big lover of cable knit jumpers, particularly those with a crew neck. I already own a few but I still miss a nice bright red one in my collection.

6. Jo Malone Earl Grey & Cucumber Cologne

I love Jo Malone products and now have my eye on their Earl Grey & Cucumber Cologne which I heard and read loads of great things about. Next time I get the chance I will definitely give it a good sniff and probably buy it aswell ;-)

7. Joules Wellington Boots

How adorable are these wellies! I haven't owned a pair of wellies since I was a child but when I saw these I wanted them immediately. I love the fun print and I can picture myself wearing them on a nice walk (together with my Barbour jacket hehe). They are quite affordable too which is always a plus in my book.

What's on your wishlist this autumn?

Julie xx

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge


Today I've got a review of the Real Techniques MiracleComplexion Sponge for you.

I recently picked this up on a whim while browsing the webshop „Shades of Pink“. I'm a big fan of the real techniques make up brushes so I was eager to try their make up sponge aswell.
Since I had no previous experience with make up sponges I found the video tutorial about it on the real techniques youtube channel really helpful.

As soon as it arrived on my doorstep I gave it a whirl and wasn't disappointed by its performance.
I first noticed how soft and fluffy it was which I really like.
I followed the directions in the video tutorial and dampened it a bit for best results.
I then used the flat side to apply my concealer under my eyes and around my nose.
For areas that needed more coverage I used the pointy end of the sponge and dabbed the concealer on to hide any blemishes or redness.
The rounded side worked great for blending out any harsh lines by rolling it over the skin.

I also used the sponge with my foundation and even cream blush (which I usually find difficult to apply because I end up looking like a clown).

I love the very natural finish I can achieve by using the sponge and I like that extra bit of coverage I can create with it on spots and other problem areas without them looking super cakey.

I like to clean my sponge after every use as to not spread bacteria on my face and also because I find that it loses some of its softness when it has dried product residue from previous uses in it.

It cleans very easily which I like a lot and it looks as good as new afterwards.
Overall I'm very impressed with the  Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge and I'm happy that I bought it.

Have you tried it yet?

Julie xx

Thursday, 11 September 2014

How to get through a long distance relationship

For the past three years I've been in a long distance relationship which can be quite challenging at times. Since I had no previous experience with long distance it took me some time to adapt to the challenges that come along. Over time though I got used to the situation and developed my own coping mechanisms. 

Today I want to share my top tips with you and hope that I can help some of you who might be in a similar situation.

So here goes in no particular order:

1. Communicate as much as possible

This one kind of goes without saying but for me it was important to make communication with my boyfriend a priority. In our case this is fairly easy as we live only one time zone apart so there's not too much stress about finding the right time for both of us to chat. My boyfriend and I usually chat on Skype every night and sometimes email each other during the day. If one of us can't make it at our usual time we try and chat earlier that day even if it is just a short Skype call to see each other briefly. We don't do this because we feel obliged in any way but because we want to and there are also days when one of us may not be in the best of moods or just hasn't much to say and we agree to not chat that day but leave it until the next day.

But it's not just important for the sake of being in contact with each other. Make sure you keep each other in the loop about what's happening in your life. Tell your partner about your day and make him/her part of your life just like you would if he or she would live down the street.

2. Get to know each other 

 Since all we can do is talking to each other on Skype it is a great opportunity to really get to know each other. Ever since the beginning of our relationship we've been talking about so many different topics. Some of them are fairly easy to discuss such as 'Whats your favourite place to travel to?' Other topics including politics, ambitions and other things that take more time to talk about.

What I'm trying to say is that my boyfriend and I know each other very very well which is mainly thanks to all of our conversations and discussions that we might not have had if we were together permanently. I'm fairly sure that we know each other better than some of the couples I know who spend most of their time together or even live together as they don't tend to have hour long conversations on a regular basis because they obviously have other ways of spending time together.

3. Be honest and create trust

Although I'd like to think that honesty and trust are important in any relationship I find that it is particularly important if your partner isn't around. Since he isn't just around the corner and only knows what you're up to because of what you're telling him, it is important that he can trust what you say. No one likes feeling unsure about whether their partner is faithful or not. Once the trust is lost it is difficult to get back.

4. "Do" things together

Ok you might now think 'What can I do with my boyfriend when he's at the other end of the world?' It's actually quite easy. You can do some of the  things that you would do if you were together. Amongst the "activities" my boyfriend and I sometimes do are:

  • Watching football together while we're both on Skype
  • Eating dinner in front of the computer and have a chat
  • Teach each other something ( e.g. I teach him some German)
Some people might find this rather sad and pathetic but we actually enjoy it and thats all that counts. :-)

5. "Celebrate" birthdays, holidays and anniversaries

I think it is very nice to try and celebrate important days together even if you are not in the same country. My boyfriend and I usually send each other cards and sometimes parcels with a little present to mark certain occasions. We both enjoy it very much and always make an effort to make things special by choosing a funny or romantic card and making the effort of writing a nice message. I sometimes even make my own cards that usually feature one of our inside jokes. I also like to spray them with my perfume (I know incredibly cheesy :P) to make it a bit more like I was actually present when my boyfriend opens it. I also really like that we always make a point of opening our letters and parcels in front of Skype so we can see each others reactions which makes it a bit more real.

6. See it as an opportunity to improve yourself

One of the positives of long distance for me is that I get the chance to improve myself and my life without my partner seeing all of my flaws and shortcomings all of the time. For example I know that I'm really not the best housewife or cook at the moment and that I can be incredibly messy at times but I really want to get better at these things (mainly for myself and not for some sexist reason) because I think that it will make living together one day much more stress and argument free.

7.  Don't let other people put you off

Throughout my relationship I have come across people who were very negative about long distance relationships in general. They've been telling me that it won't last and that there is NO way that two people can stay faithful for such a long period of time without any intimacy. At first I felt like I needed to convince them that this wasn't true but these days I don't even bother with that anymore and accept that they won't understand my situation and that they don't really need to.
Of course there is no guarantee for anything but you don't get that in normal relationships either. So don't listen to negative people.

8.  Make plans for the future

One thing that keeps me going through those difficult phases of being apart is making plans for the future with my partner. Talking about eventually moving in together or going on holiday makes me feel like the relationship is going somewhere and there's something  to look forward to.

9. Have reasonable expectations

Just like in any other relationship there are going to be times when there will be arguments, misunderstandings or you might not have that much to say to your partner. Being apart doesn't make these situations any easier.
Whenever there is a bump in the road it is important to not let communication break down which is all too easy in a long distance relationship. 
Talk to your partner, voice your concerns and be willing to compromise. In most cases that will sort things out.
 Expect the occasional bump in the road and be prepared to deal with them.

10. See the positives

Although not being with the one you love sometimes really sucks (sorry but thats the truth...) for me being in a long distance relationship has lots of positives too:

  • Every time you get together again there's that excitement of being in love that most couples usually lose after some time of being together. Long distance couples get those nice feelings everytime they see each other again after being apart. (I know I do <3 ) Thats what I like to call the "extended honeymoon period".
  • Once you're permanently together you'll probably remember what being apart was like and appreciate finally being together even more.
  • It's a valuable lesson in effective communication because communication is what the relationship consists of when you can't be together. You usually learn to have interesting conversations and also to solve problems when it would be easier to just close Skype and not deal with it.
  • You get to know your partner really well. Since you are more or less forced to talk to your partner ( unless you choose to just stare at each other on Skype) you probably have longer and maybe more meaningful conversations than other couples.
  • You can be fairly sure that both of you are commited to the relationship because most people who aren't serious wouldn't  put up with long distance when all they get most of the time is chats.

So these were my 10 top tips for surviving a long distance relationship. I hope the post wasn't too long. Please let me know in the comments whether you are or have been in a long distance relationship and share some of your own tips :-)

Julie xx

Friday, 2 May 2014

Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil

I' m finally back with a review of the Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil. 
It's about time I'd say as I promised you this review months ago. So here goes.

I bought the Trilogy Rosehip Oil a few months ago when winter was still in full swing and my skin was in dire need of some additional pampering. 
I first came across rosehip oil in general when I was looking for a product to help me fade my red spot marks which make my skin look much worse than it actually is.
After reading some reviews I ordered the Trilogy Rosehip Oil from Feel Unique for about 20€.
I opted for the smaller bottle (20ml) because I wasn't entirely convinced that a skin oil would be the right product for my combination to oily skin.

The oil comes in a little brown bottle with a pipette which makes the product very easy to handle. But then again, how else would you package oil?!

I mainly use it in the evening rather than in the morning as I find that it makes me look a bit shiny afterwards. I usually apply three drops either directly to my face or to my hands and then distribute it evenly on my face. I was pleasantly surprised about how nice and smooth it feels on my skin. I expected it to feel much more greasy than it does and it doesn't sit too long on the skin either but sinks in fairly quickly. I also like using it after I get out of the shower when my face usually feels rather tight from all the water and cleansing products.

 It is great at moisturising my dry areas as well as balancing my oily chin and forehead. It also didn't break me out at all which in my book is a massive plus (my skin is a right diva at times).

As for the reduction of spot marks like they claim on the packaging, I must admit that I'm not too sure about that. Yes my scars have faded ever so slightly but this might as well be the usual healing process of my skin so unfortunately I have no miracles to report on this end.

The last thing I want to mention is what the oil smells like. When I read other reviews about it, before I bought it, some people claimed that it had a slightly fishy smell to it. After using it for quite some time and giving it a good old sniff too I can't confirm this. To me the smell is mainly herbal and not very strong and I only really smell it when I sniff the bottle. I don't notice much of a smell once it is on my face either.

All in all I'm rather pleased with this product and I'll definitely repurchase it.

I hope this review helped you and you enjoyed this post.

Have you tried rosehip oil yet and what are your experiences with it?

Julie xx

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Motivational Quote #1

The past few days have been quite challenging for me which made me think of this quote.

When I woke up on wednesday morning I almost fell out of bed because I felt super dizzy 
( think 6 pints of cider dizzy).
At first i didn't think much of it but when it hadn't gone away an hour later I started to get worried.
Since I couldn't drive or even walk by myself my dad took me to the doctors. Apparently I caught some kind of virus that affects my sense of balance and 
all I can do now is rest and wait for my immune system to fight it off. 
So as you can probably imagine, the past days have been rather bad and boring.
But feeling like this also reminded me of how lucky I am most of the time.
I don't suffer from any chronic illnesses or allergies nor do I get sick very often but I think under normal circumstances I just don't appreciate this as much as I should.
There will always be things in life that are annoying or worth moaning about but overall I want to try and keep the above quote in mind as I think that my life could be so much worse and I should be thankful for everything I have (including my health).

I hope you're all having a lovely weekend.

Julie XX

Monday, 3 March 2014

February Favourites 2014

1. L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes Extra Black Mascara

I picked this up on a whim despite not actually needing any more mascara at the moment. I have way too many already that need using up. I didn't intend to get the "Extra Black" one and I'm not sure how much more black this is than the original one. Black is black isnt it?
It gives my lashes exactly the right kind of volume that I want and some length too and it has quickly become one of my favourite mascaras.

2. Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil

I've been using this for about a month now and I really like it so far. I don't want to say too much about it though because there will be a blogpost about it on the blog later this week.

3. Essie- Forever Yummy

I was looking for the perfect classic red nailpolish and first wanted to get Essie A-List. When I compared them in the shop though I found that A-List was a bit too blue toned for me so I picked up Forever Yummy instead and haven't looked back since. It is opaque with one coat although I usually apply two coats, just to make sure. It is easy to apply thanks to the wide and rounded brush and it dries fairly quickly aswell. But most importantly, it looks wonderful.

4. Essence Nail Art Express Dry Drops

The one thing I really dislike about painting my nails is waiting for them to dry. Nine times out of ten I've been waiting patiently for my nails to dry only to leave a dent or mark on the polish at some point because they hadn't dried completely through to the bottom (if that makes sense). Now that I'm using the Essence Nail Art Express Dry Drops this problem has got a lot better. The clear, slightly oily liquid is super easy to apply because the little bottle comes with a pipette to drop one or two drops on each nail. I'm not sure how the magic works here (I think it evaporates some ingredient of the nailpolish and makes it dry quicker because of it) but it does the trick. Somethink I'm definitely going to repurchase.

Have you tried any of these products?

Julie xx

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Very late January Favourites 2014

Yes I know, January has been over for more than a week now but I thought I'd share my favourites of that month anyway. Better late than never right?

1. L'oreal Professional Expert Silver Shampoo

I heard a lot of good things things about this shampoo and picked it up on a good offer when my other purple shampoo ran out. I like that the bigger size bottle comes with a pump which makes it easy to use in the shower. It smells quite nice too although the scent is a bit more on the manly side. I definitely think that it helps me to keep the yellow tones out of my blond hair and I will repurchase it in the future.

2. The Body Shop Papaya Body Butter

I'm a big fan of the Body Shop Body Butters as they are so moisturising (which my skin definitely needs) and they also smell divine. I prefer putting this on before I go to bed rather than in the morning when I have to go out of the house because it is rather thick and doesn't sink into the skin that quickly. Definitely one of my all time favourites.

3. MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation in NC15

This foundation was a christmas present from my sister who knew that I had been eyeing it for a while. A full review on it will be up soon so keep your eyes peeled for that.

4. Revlon Colorburst Lipbutter in Berry Smoothie

This was a present from my friend Alice ( who knows that I had been interested in trying the Revlon Lipbutters which aren't available in Germany.
It's my go to lip product at the moment because it is so easy to apply, feels and looks great on the lips and it also smells really nice. I'm definitely going to buy more colours next time I get the chance.

5. Bomb Cosmetics French Kiss Clay Mask

Another present from Alice who picked out exactly the right product for me. The mask is made from natural clay mixed with pure geranium and rosemary essential oils which gives it its lovely smell. It dries on the skin ( which isn't my favourite feeling to be honest) but after washing it off it leaves my skin feeling super soft and nourished. I also think the packaging is really cute too and it looks great in my bathroom which is always a plus in my opinion. :-)

So there you go. I hope you enjoyed my January Favourites. Please let me know what your experiences with these products are. :-)

Have a nice evening.

Julie xx

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

New in: Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC

I've finally done it! After lusting over the Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac for almost a year now I finally treated myself to it and made it a christmas present to myself.
I had been looking for a good quality crossbody bag for some time and when I came across this one I immediately wanted one for myself. I decided to get it in the colour Taupe because I think that it fits with most of my outfits and can be dressed up aswell as down. I also wanted a colour that is wearable in all seasons so I wanted it to be neither too bright nor to dark.

I really like that the chain is adjustable which means that I can wear it across my body or as a shoulder bag like on the above picture. The leather is super soft which makes it feel very nice but at the same time makes it a bit delicate which is ok for me. The golden hardware is good quality too and I just love the black and blue lining.

Although it was quite an investment for me I'm sure I will get lots of use out of it for many years to come. :-)
You can get it from

Julie xx

Sunday, 5 January 2014

15 before 2015

Today I've got a bit of a different post for you. Rather than doing a typical New Years Resolutions post I came up with 15 things I want to make happen and accomplish before next year. Some of them are fairly simple, little things. Others are more tricky and will be a challenge.
So here they are:

1) Find a job

Finding a job is one of my top priorities this year as I'm honestly fed up with the situation I'm in. I really want to improve my life and start the next chapter and I think that ending this odd phase between the end of university and the beginning of work life needs to come to an end in order to bring about those changes I want.

2) Get together with my boyfriend

We've been in a long distance relationship for 2 1/2 years now and haven't seen each other in quite a while so I think it's about time this changed.

3) Get better at painting my nails

I'm ok doing my left hand as I'm right handed but the other way around never ends up looking nice so I hope that with a little bit of practise I will be able to change that.

4) Be more brave / Stop worrying

I'm definitely the kind of person who overthinks things and worries about all sorts of things that might never happen. I'm very reluctant when it comes to getting out of my comfort zone or getting into unknown situations which might not always be a huge problem but considering that I want to find a job it might become one. I'm not looking forward to getting into a new job because I'm always afraid to not be able to deal with the demands of the job so I tend to not apply for jobs that sound interesting because I feel like I won't be able to perform well.
I want to overcome this fear and start being more brave and stop worrying about problems that might not even occur.

5) Finish decorating my flat

I've been living in my flat for about 3 years now and have almost no pictures on my walls because I could never find anything I liked. I also need a rug for my living room and at some point a new sofa to make my flat a bit more cosy and homely.

6) Learn to cook

Although I can cook a few random recipes I'm not very confident about my cooking skills. Just because I like what I cook doesn't mean that other people would like it right? (there's me worrying again...*hmpf*)
I want to try new recipes and learn to be proud of my cooking. Now I only need to find some guinea pigs (i.e family members hehehe :D) to try my new creations.

7) Meet my friend Alice in person  (

Alice and I have been in contact for just under a year now and she's just such a lovely person. I really want to meet her in real life and go on a shopping spree with her.

8) Go on holiday

I haven't been on a proper sunny beach holiday for several years now so it's about time to get some much needed relaxation and a nice tan. :D

9) Find a workout I like and do it regularly

This one is pretty straight forward, I want to start working out again and actually enjoy it so I hope to find a sport or workout that will keep me motivated.

10) Try a new kind of food

When it comes to food I tend to have the same kind of things all the time. Despite not being a fussy eater and liking most things (except certain seafood yuck!) I end up ordering the safer option at restaurants rather than experimenting. I want to be a bit more adventurous this year (but maybe not "grilled cockroach" adventurous ;-) )

11) Have more self-discipline

I need to learn how to kick my own butt because I don't want to keep being lazy, eating junk or skipping workouts anymore. I think I actually have a degree of self-discipline that only needs to be reactivated somehow. If you have any tips for me, feel free to share them in the comments :-)

12) Change my hair

I'm not talking short bob or pixie cut here or any other radical change like that but I really want to improve my look. I have rather long hair at the moment but it doesn't have any real cut to it and usually just hangs limply off my head. Since I have rather thin hair too and am rubbish at hairstyling (hm maybe another goal for 2014?) I want to get a no fuss hairstyle that looks good on me.

13) Set a budget and stick to it

In 2014 there are several things I need to save up for (holiday, new camera, new laptop, the future, car insurance....) therefore I have to come up with a reasonable budget for all my expenses and try not to overspend. This can sometimes be rather tricky for example when I go food shopping on an empty stomach (bad mistake) and end up buying loads more and completely different things than I actually planned. Or when I lose all self control in the drugstore again :-/

14) Buy a MacBook Pro

I've been wanting a MacBook for quite some time now but because they are about three times as expensive as most other laptops it has remained a dream of mine so far. :-(
My current laptop is 7 years old and is super slow and keeps breaking down on me which makes blogging, reading blogs or editing and uploading videos to youtube much more difficult than it should be. So this year I hope I will be able to save up the money for it and finally be able to buy it. :-)

15) Get better at making decisions

You can ask any of my friends or family, I'm the worst at making decisions. Although I'm very clear about what I like and dislike I struggle to make a decision in a lot of situations. When I'm out for a meal I'm usually the one who hasn't decided what she wants by the time the waiter comes round to take the order.
When I recently went to the bookshop to buy a new agenda for 2014 I spent at least 15 minutes contemplating the pro's and con's of 3 different ones before I then just chose one very quickly and hoped to have made the right decision. It's crazy sometimes and I really want to learn to be less of a perfectionist and worry less about mundane everyday decisions that probably won't ruin my life if I get them wrong.

So here you are, these are my goals for 2014. Let's see how many I'm going to accomplish.

What are your goals for this year?

Julie xx