Wednesday, 3 February 2016

How to beat the winter blues

I don't know about you but I'm definitely one of those people who suffer from winter blues. I wouldn't even say that I generally dislike winter, it's just that I find it hard to deal with the darkness and the weather which makes me want to stay indoors way too much and robbs me of my motivation to do anything, particularly on grey and dreary days. I'm also not very good with the cold temperatures and admire people who live in REALLY cold countries/climates (I'm looking at you Canada and Russia). However, since winter keeps coming round every year without fail, I've found a few little ways of making it more bearable which I want to share with you today.

Make the most of any sunny spells

I try and make the most of the rare sunny spells by getting out and about for a little walk or some errands or even just sitting on my balcony in the sun. The light and warmth revives me and is so important to give my body the much needed Vitamin D.

Try and embrace the bad weather. Get cosy!

Since we can't change the weather it is best to make the most of it and try and appreciate that it isn't just a nuisance but that it can also be quite cosy actually. So get your blankets out, make some hot chocolate or tea and cuddle up on the sofa with a book or a good film.

Buy some flowers

With christmas over, I'm craving spring but since I'll have to wait for that a bit longer I make sure to buy some fresh flowers as often as I can. I think a nice vase of tulips instantly brightens up the room and it definitely lifts my mood, despite the gloomy weather.

Make some plans and changes that get you excited

I always find that making plans and sticking to my new years resolutions really helps with improving my mood and getting me even more excited for spring and summer. I like making plans for the months ahead so that I have something to look forward to and to work towards.

Watch summery films

On days when it is particularly cold and wintery I like watching films that are set in summer or a sunny location because they give me that summery feeling and let me forget about winter for a moment.

I hope these tips help you as much as they help me :-)

Julie xx