Sunday, 9 July 2017

A Life Update

Life is funny sometimes. One minute you are unhappy with your life and the next something wonderful happens and turns your entire life upside down. That's exactly what happened to me this year. At the beginning of the year I was stuck in a job that made me unhappy with no prospects for the future and only a few short months later my position had changed completely.

Ever since finishing my degree I struggled to find a job that was in line with my qualifications and interests. Eventually I started applying for jobs that I really really really didn't want to do just to finally have a job but despite various interviews I could never get the jobs because of 'lack of experience'. I was depressed and demotivated and if I was honest with myself I didn't really want a job in Germany because all I wanted was to fulfill my childhood dream and move to England and to be with my English boyfriend. This however was a distant dream when my boyfriend came to visit me for christmas 2016. One night when I came home from work he told me about a job vacancie that he had come across which sounded suitable for me. We ended up writing the application together and some assessments and one Skype interview later (I say that but it actually took a few weeks) I had got myself a job in the field that I had always been interested in (despite lack of experience) and in the area where my boyfriend lives.

The only challenge was that they needed me as soon as possible. So I handed in my notice at my job and started packing up my life in Germany. Within six weeks I cancelled my flat, sold some of my things including my beloved car and packed up all of my belongings whilst still working full-time and at the end of February 2017 I embarked on this new chapter of my life.

I have to admit that these six weeks were the most stressful but also most exciting of my life. On the one hand I finally got what I had always wanted but on the other hand it meant that I had to leave my family and friends which was incredibly hard and there were many tears.

Four months on I have settled in well at my new job and in my new home. I am so much happier and finally feel like I am where I belong. Of course I still miss my family and friends an awful lot but I am optimistic that I will be able to see them all at least once a year which is better than nothing I guess.

So there we have it, sometimes dreams do come true.

Now back to watching 101 Dalmatians on telly. Hope to see you back for my next post.

Thursday, 22 December 2016

My Very Late Christmas Wishlist

With christmas only a few days away I thought I'd share my wishlist with you as I like to have a bit of a nosy into other peoples wishlists myself.

I've been on the lookout for a good quality handbag that I can wear on my arm as well as across body. I quite like the look of the Fossil Emma Satchel and think it is the perfect every day size.

This is definitely a favourite of many bloggers and since I recently rediscovered how much I like face oils I can't wait to give this a try.

3. Iphone 7

I would really like a new phone because my 6 year old Iphone 4 just can't keep up anymore. Whenever I get to use my sister's Iphone 7 I am amazed about how fast it is and how nice and bright photos turn out.

I absolutely love candles and particularly like the look and smell of Heyland & Whittle candles. For me they have a very luxurious feel to them and their range of scents is just amazing.

I already own a rather sporty Daniel Wellington watch which I wear almost every day and now want a more dainty, ladylike watch to wear with dresses and for formal occasions. When I first saw the Cluse La Vedette watch I knew that this was exactly what I have been looking for. It is elegant, not too flashy and reasonably priced aswell.

This film is such a classic so I would like to add it to my collection of old films.
I love a good cosy hoodie and I think that Superdry make some of the best ones. I really like this blue one with the subtle star print and would love to receive it for christmas.
I've been wanting a Jo Malone fragrance for quite a while and hope to get one very soon as my current perfume is about to run out. I sniffed my way through the Jo Malone store a while ago and found so many scents I liked. The one that stood out most to me was Earl Grey and Cucumber so I definitely want to get my hands on it soon.

My current curling wand is rather hard to use and I'm never happy with the results I get. I heard and read many good things about the Remington Pearl Pro Curl Wand and would like to get it so I can retire my old curling wand.

So there we have it. What's on your wishlist this christmas? 

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

How to beat the winter blues

I don't know about you but I'm definitely one of those people who suffer from winter blues. I wouldn't even say that I generally dislike winter, it's just that I find it hard to deal with the darkness and the weather which makes me want to stay indoors way too much and robbs me of my motivation to do anything, particularly on grey and dreary days. I'm also not very good with the cold temperatures and admire people who live in REALLY cold countries/climates (I'm looking at you Canada and Russia). However, since winter keeps coming round every year without fail, I've found a few little ways of making it more bearable which I want to share with you today.

Make the most of any sunny spells

I try and make the most of the rare sunny spells by getting out and about for a little walk or some errands or even just sitting on my balcony in the sun. The light and warmth revives me and is so important to give my body the much needed Vitamin D.

Try and embrace the bad weather. Get cosy!

Since we can't change the weather it is best to make the most of it and try and appreciate that it isn't just a nuisance but that it can also be quite cosy actually. So get your blankets out, make some hot chocolate or tea and cuddle up on the sofa with a book or a good film.

Buy some flowers

With christmas over, I'm craving spring but since I'll have to wait for that a bit longer I make sure to buy some fresh flowers as often as I can. I think a nice vase of tulips instantly brightens up the room and it definitely lifts my mood, despite the gloomy weather.

Make some plans and changes that get you excited

I always find that making plans and sticking to my new years resolutions really helps with improving my mood and getting me even more excited for spring and summer. I like making plans for the months ahead so that I have something to look forward to and to work towards.

Watch summery films

On days when it is particularly cold and wintery I like watching films that are set in summer or a sunny location because they give me that summery feeling and let me forget about winter for a moment.

I hope these tips help you as much as they help me :-)

Julie xx

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Astor Pro Manicure Already Dry! Quick Dry Topcoat

Today I want to show you my favourite topcoat, which I've been using for the last six months.
For years and years I never even bothered with topcoats as I wasn't keen on adding yet another step to my manicure. One of the things I find most annoying about painting my nails is waiting for them to dry. In my mind, adding another coat of something would probably not make my wait any shorter. I was so wrong however. I ended up picking up the Astor Pro Manicure Already Dry! Quick Dry Topcoat on a complete whim one day and haven't looked back since.

Now, I have to add that I used to have a bit of a love/hate relationship with this at first which was completely down to me using it wrong. It is important to give the nails some time to dry a bit and not to apply the topcoat too early, otherwise you will move the nailpolish around which then creates gaps and makes the natural nail visible again. Once I found that out (silly me!) I started to love it and like how it finishes off my manicure and gives my nails a nice shine. I will definitely repurchase this once I run out.

Which is your favourite Topcoat?

Julie xx

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Instagrammers to follow: Preppy fashion and lifestyle

I'm a huge fan of Instagram and love looking at my feed for inspiration and happiness. There are so many interesting accounts with a whole range of topics and I thought I'd share some of my favourites with you.

Today I'll share some wonderful, preppy accounts with you that I love for their outfits and preppy lifestyle.


First of all Sarah Vickers from Classy Girls Wear Pearls. How could I not include her in this list. I love her style and think she is absolutely beautiful. I also live vicariously through her because she and her fiance Kiel just get up to so many cool adventures.


Carly is the lovely lady behind the blog The College Prepster which I have been reading for a long time now. I love her style and love following along with all the adventures that she, her boyfriend Garrett and her cute dog Teddy get up to.

I absolutely adore Whitleys Instagram feed because it is so colourful and stylish. I love that her outfits are super classic and wearable without being boring. The only problem is that I want all of her outfits for my own wardrobe now.

Robins feed is full of super preppy outfits and I like how she combines various pieces. She also has enviable hair which I always very much admire. (Damn you thin hair...)


I love Sydneys account for her beautifully preppy and sophisticated outfits and lifestyle. I think she always looks incredibly classy and happy which is what draws me to her blog and Instagram account more often than I care to admit.

So there you have it. This list is by no means a complete list of all my favourite preppy and sophisticated Instagrammers but these are definitely the ones I browse most often.

Which are your favourites?

Julie xx

Monday, 5 October 2015

Autumn nails

Today I wanted to share some of my favourite autumn nailcolours with you which I have been wearing in turns over the past few weeks. At this time of the year I really love deep reds, berry tones and stormy greys, as well as more shimmery and glittery polishes. Essie nailpolishes are (as usual) my favourites and I can't wait to add to my collection this autumn and winter :-)

Essie - Dress to Kilt (Limited edition)
 Essie - Bahama Mama
P2 - 017 Elegant
P2 - 991 Satellite Dreams

Which are your favourite polishes this season?

Julie xx

Monday, 17 August 2015

Kiel James Patrick Pieces I Love

I've been a big fan of the KJP products ever since I've come across Sarah Vickers blog
'Classy Girls Wear Pearls' a few years ago.

Over the years Sarah and her financé Kiel added more and more beautiful accessories and now even shirts and shoes to their collection. I really like the whole classy-New England- nautical theme and definitely want to add some of their pieces to my wardrobe soon.

Julie xx