Thursday, 21 November 2013

To bathe or not to bathe...

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Ah isn't it nice to have a nice hot bubble bath with some candles on the side and maybe an audiobook or some music playing? 

Whenever I come across a nice picture like the one above I think how nice it would be to run a bath and just relax for a bit. The same happens when I browse blogs or websites like 
and see all the beautiful bath melts,bubble baths, bath bombs etc.
I also really like smelling nice bath products in the shops so overall I would think that I'm pretty fond of having relaxing baths.

Only...that I'm not.

Whenever I actually have a bath something odd happens. I run the bath, get in and then....nothing. Unlike other people I don't actually enjoy it all that much. After usually about 15 minutes in it I start getting bored and way too hot for my liking too. I can't relax either as I constantly have to keep myself in the right position so that I don't slip too low into the bath or have my neck in an uncomfortable position. (I'm fairly short you know)

I don't know why it always seems to turn out like this for me. On the one hand I think "No big deal, so you prefer showers.What's all the fuss about?" but on the other I wish I could enjoy baths more.

Since there doesn't seem to be a solution to that problem (although problem is quite a strong word for something minor like that) I think I'll give up on bubble baths for now. That is not to say that I won't give it another try in the future but for now I will concentrate on all the nice shower gels and other products that companies like lush have to offer. :-)

I wonder whether there are more people who feel like me about that?

What are your thoughts ? I would love to know :-). Do you enjoy having baths?

Have a nice day everyone :-) xx

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