Sunday, 5 October 2014

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge


Today I've got a review of the Real Techniques MiracleComplexion Sponge for you.

I recently picked this up on a whim while browsing the webshop „Shades of Pink“. I'm a big fan of the real techniques make up brushes so I was eager to try their make up sponge aswell.
Since I had no previous experience with make up sponges I found the video tutorial about it on the real techniques youtube channel really helpful.

As soon as it arrived on my doorstep I gave it a whirl and wasn't disappointed by its performance.
I first noticed how soft and fluffy it was which I really like.
I followed the directions in the video tutorial and dampened it a bit for best results.
I then used the flat side to apply my concealer under my eyes and around my nose.
For areas that needed more coverage I used the pointy end of the sponge and dabbed the concealer on to hide any blemishes or redness.
The rounded side worked great for blending out any harsh lines by rolling it over the skin.

I also used the sponge with my foundation and even cream blush (which I usually find difficult to apply because I end up looking like a clown).

I love the very natural finish I can achieve by using the sponge and I like that extra bit of coverage I can create with it on spots and other problem areas without them looking super cakey.

I like to clean my sponge after every use as to not spread bacteria on my face and also because I find that it loses some of its softness when it has dried product residue from previous uses in it.

It cleans very easily which I like a lot and it looks as good as new afterwards.
Overall I'm very impressed with the  Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge and I'm happy that I bought it.

Have you tried it yet?

Julie xx

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