Monday, 7 October 2013

My favourite autumn nailpolishes 2013

 Today I thought I'd share my favourite autumn/fall nailpolishes with you. I have never been much of a fan of the rather darker and colder seasons but since last year I definitely try and embrace autumn a bit more by trying to enjoy it as much as possible and making the most of it.Where's the point in moaning about something that I can't change anyway, right? ;-)

I'm usually not the kind of person who thinks that only certain colours are appropriate for certain seasons so I like to wear whichever colour I please but my selection this year turned out to be more autumnal than I expected.

Barry M Nailpaint in Raspberry:

I love this colour so much as it is quite elegant and matches most of my outfits but at the same time it is very vibrant and brightens up those grey autumn days. It also applies like a dream and is pretty much opaque with only one coat (although I prefer to put on another one). This coupled with the pretty quick drying time and the unbeatable price makes Barry M one of my favourite nailpolish brands from the drugstore.

Kiko nail laquer No.317:

I bought this colour in the sale as my first item from Kiko at only 2 € (I just love a good bargain). I like wearing this berry colour on days when I want some colour on my nails but I'm not in the mood for the brighter Barry M shade above. I'm really impressed with the quality of this nailpolish because it is opaque in only one coat and lasts quite long on my nails despite being priced under 5€ even when it's not on sale.

Essie Damsel in a dress:

First I must say that the picture doesn't do this colour justice at all. In real life it is a beautiful dark plum colour with a subtle silvery shimmer but without any noticeable chunks of glitter in it. I like the way it looks different in different lighting and as with all of my Essie polishes so far I love how easy they are to apply. The only thing I don't particularly like is the price of 7,95€ but who am I kidding, I like even more expensive nailpoilsh brands and I don't see this changing any time soon.

Astor Fash'n Studio No.106:

I picked this colour up some time ago and hadn't been using it at all for at least two years but once I had given it another chance I started liking it again and wear it quite regularly again.
The colour is probably not very special but when I bought it I had been looking for a simple taupe colour and that's exactly what I got here. In comparison to the other nailpolishes it is lacking a bit when it comes to opacity but with 2+ coats it starts looking nice on my nails so I'm ok with that for now. I can't remember the price but it was definitely under a fiver.

Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nailpaint in Prickly Pear:

Ok so this colour definitely stands out from the other ones in this post (or so it would if the picture had turned out better *hmpf*) because most people would probably consider this to be a spring colour. I had been eyeing this colour for some time on the internet and really wanted it desperately as it is the perfect pastel lilac for me <3.
Unfortunately Barry M products are hard to get in Germany so I couldn't buy it, but then a few weeks ago it arrived in a little package along with some other goodies for my birthday from my lovely friend Alice from Pretty Wonderful. I was so happy when I saw it and obviously had to apply it right away. I noticed that it isn't quite opaque in just one coat but with another one on it looks super pretty. I'm really happy with it and love wearing it. Thanks so much Alice :-)
If you are interested in great reviews,tutorials,hauls and more head over to Alice's Blog that I linked above and show her some blogging community love please. She really deserves it.

P2 Color Victim No.017 elegant:

Last but not least is this P2 nailpolish that I've had for ages and rediscovered. On the picture it looks like a rather boring light grey but on the nails it has a subtle pinky-lilacy shimmer to it which just makes it look a lot more interesting in my opinion.It is also cheap as chips at 1,55€ but the drying time isn't too great.

So these are my favourite colours for autumn this year. What's your must have nailpolish this season? Please let me know in the comments as I'm always interested in growing my collection ;-).

Have a great day. :-)


  1. i also have the kiko lack and love it ❤


  2. Yes Kiko nailpolishes are great aren't they? :-) xx