Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Astor Pro Manicure Already Dry! Quick Dry Topcoat

Today I want to show you my favourite topcoat, which I've been using for the last six months.
For years and years I never even bothered with topcoats as I wasn't keen on adding yet another step to my manicure. One of the things I find most annoying about painting my nails is waiting for them to dry. In my mind, adding another coat of something would probably not make my wait any shorter. I was so wrong however. I ended up picking up the Astor Pro Manicure Already Dry! Quick Dry Topcoat on a complete whim one day and haven't looked back since.

Now, I have to add that I used to have a bit of a love/hate relationship with this at first which was completely down to me using it wrong. It is important to give the nails some time to dry a bit and not to apply the topcoat too early, otherwise you will move the nailpolish around which then creates gaps and makes the natural nail visible again. Once I found that out (silly me!) I started to love it and like how it finishes off my manicure and gives my nails a nice shine. I will definitely repurchase this once I run out.

Which is your favourite Topcoat?

Julie xx

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