Wednesday, 27 June 2012

John Frieda Full Repair Conditioner

Recently I've been looking for a new conditioner because I ran out of the one I've been using and felt that I wanted to try something new.
My hair is quite thin and long but damaged at the same time since I've been dyeing it regularly for several years now.
It's very knotty aswell after it's been washed so I need a good conditioner to detangle it without damaging it too much. I had seen John Frieda's new range in the shops for some time but only when Fleur de Force reviewed it on her blog, did I decide to buy it.
Her hair is just beautiful. It's long, thick and shiny and I really like it. I'm aware though that just by using the same product that she uses I won't automatically get such nice and full hair as she's got because her hair structure is probably very different from mine. But I trust her opinion quite a bit, so I thought I'll give it a try.

And so far I don't regret my choice.

The John Frieda Full Repair range is meant for damaged hair just like mine. It's supposed to smoothen and repair the hair, as well as give it more volume.
The conditioner has a rather thick texture and smells very nice and fruity. Whenever I use it I only need to apply a small amount to the "ponytail area" of my hair which makes the tube quite longlasting.
It leaves my hair smooth and soft and it doesn't weigh it down one bit, which I LOVE.  :D

I really really like this product and will definitely repurchase it.

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